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Jessica Watson "a dreamer, adventurer, trailblazer, inspiration": says Peter Slipper

12 March 2010 Jessica Watson "a dreamer, adventurer, trailblazer, inspiration": says Peter Slipper

Sunshine Coast adventurer Jessica Watson has been described as a dreamer, adventurer, trailblazer and an inspiration, in a speech to parliament by Member for Fisher Peter Slipper.

"Jessica's journey has highlighted the fact that it is important in this world that we still have people who are adventurers and innovators and inventors and dreamers; people who will blaze new trails and attempt new things so that mankind can still discover the things that can only be discovered by taking a risk and going out on a limb," Mr Slipper told the Australian Parliament.

"Jessica Watson should be proud that she can be classed among those valuable people."

Mr Slipper noted that the 16-year-old Miss Watson is now two-thirds of the way through her solo sailing journey around the world, and due home in late April or May.

"She has completed some 16,500 nautical miles and has less than 6000 nautical miles remaining until she arrives at her destination Sydney," Mr Slipper said.

"I wish to formally congratulate Jessica for what she set out to do, what she has done so far, and for the inspiration and encouragement she is generating for all young people around Australia and the world, and the message that she is spreading, that they should dare to dream big and achieve big."

Mr Slipper noted the popularity of Miss Watson's website (

"It is not uncommon for her to have up to 250 comments posted in response to her diary entries. On Monday alone -- that is 8th March - there were an amazing 982 comments - and it is fascinating to read some of those blog entries and get an idea of the inspiration that Jessica is imparting to those who are back home in Australia and all around the world and following her journey so closely," Mr Slipper said.

"Australia needs many more young people like Jessica Watson. I applaud her, I salute her, I congratulate her and I look forward to her safe return home."

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Publish Date: 12 Mar 10

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Comments / Have your say

  1. Jess,
    I have followed your journey from its beginning and I think you would make a great ships master one day. You are a inspiration to all that have followed you. I am a disabled Navy veteran of the Vietnam War that thought my seafaring days were over. Thanks to you and your fantastic can do attitude I am getting a 9.5 meter ketch, make a few modifications for my disabilities and go back to sea. Thanks for inspiring us all, all the generations!
    Paul Carawan of North Carolina, USA
    45 of 452nd April 2010, 3.02am
  2. I have watched Jesse from the start of her journey. I have always dreamed of sailing around thw world too. But , only a dream. Give Jessica my best wishes and good sailing. I will be staying tuned.
    Douglas of North Dakota, USA
    44 of 4521st March 2010, 10.39am
  3. To the Member for Fisher, Mr Peter Slipper,
    Thankyou so much for recognizing Jessica's achievement. Jesse is a remarkable girl as you have so rightly pointed out and as a follower from day one have always said that she has inspirered people of all ages to believe in themselves. Our family love her to bits as do many others around the globe and wish her every success in her future.
    The McGraths of Nowra
    43 of 4520th March 2010, 10.45pm
  4. Kudos to the Australian Parliament for acknowledging Jessica Watson. There have been many who have completed a solo, circumnavigation of the earth. But there is some quality about Jessica that I cannot quite name that is like a magnet. She draws people to her, to her story, to the journey, and certainly brings humor, positive attitude, determination, and inspiration to every situation she encounters. In a way, her sailing journey is a metaphor for the journey of life and the qualities we need to make our own life successful and fulfilling. I believe Jessica Watson is Australia's Amelia Earhart. She is paving the way and showing others just what is possible for their life if they dare to dream and follow their dreams. I believe we will see even greater achievements from Jessica in the future.
    John Johnson of Ashland OR USA
    42 of 4518th March 2010, 4.58pm
    1. Dave J replied to John Johnson
      20th March 2010, 2.19am
      I agree completely. Well stated!
  5. Hi Jesse have followed your journey with interest from day one. Well said Peter Slipper but please don't use this magnificent journey politically. My best wishes go with you every day Jesse, may you have safe sailing and fair winds, thank you for your inspiration to all, dreamers or not.
    localyokel of huon vic.
    41 of 4518th March 2010, 12.17pm
  6. what are all those politicians with their negative comments thinking now . they will all be in the front row to wellcome you.
    lin of gold coast
    40 of 4518th March 2010, 11.19am
  7. Having sailed around the world and seen conditions at times frightening. I must admit I thought this is crazy. However first thing in the morning it has become a ritual, switch the computer on and check on Jessicas progress. I wonder how many other housolds are doing the same. Good luck Jess it will be the biggest day Sydney has seen.
    39 of 4518th March 2010, 7.03am
    1. Heather Westwick replied to BARRY NICHOLSON
      20th March 2010, 10.50am
      Apart from feeding the cat and making myself a cuppa I like Barry go straight to the computer to check on you Jessica. I love your beautifully written blogs and share all your ups and downs. Not too many downs thank goodness. You are
      a remarkable young lady with great courage. I will miss you once you arrive home but will always have you and Ella pink lady in my memories. How about another trip next year? Only joking!!!!!

  8. Thanks jessica, Its been very interesting reading your blog,You are brave and courageous,for all young, and old through out the world,your there little hero,I hope you are named young Australian of the year 2011. Take care ,be safe ,and i hope you have a happy easter and there are some chocalates,on board the Pink Lady.God bless you on the rest of your journey,Susie Misteli.
    susiemisteli of Langwarrinvictoriaaustralia
    38 of 4518th March 2010, 4.45am
  9. Greetings to you, Peter Slipper and a big "Thank You" for acknowledging the fabulous Solo Voyage of Golden Girl, Jessica Watson..have you noticed how her fans are from all around the world? If only we could be united like this each and every day...what a world it could be! Thanks and Greetings to all Jessica's fans.
    Barbara Lyle of Toronto, Canada
    37 of 4518th March 2010, 2.38am
  10. Greetings to you, Peter Slipper and a big "Thank You" for acknowledging the fabulous Solo Voyage of Golden Girl, Jessica Watson..have you noticed how her fans are from all around the world? If only we could be united like this each and every day...what a world it could be! Thanks and Greetings to all Jessica's fans.
    Barbara Lyle of Toronto, Canada
    36 of 4518th March 2010, 2.38am
  11. I too, like so many, have been following Jessica's journey since she left Sydney a few months back. I am so impressed and inspired by her courage and positive outlook on her adventure. I am almost 30 and would never do what she is doing!! Let alone and the young age of 16!! She is a wonderful inspiration to all mankind. The world needs more Jessica Watson's! I can't wait until she makes it back home! What a party Australia is going to have!!
    Lacy of Illinois, USA
    35 of 4518th March 2010, 1.58am
  12. Hello Jessica, your journey is inspirational and look forward to checking in on your progress daily. Stay safe and god bless you. I will look forward to hearing about your return to Sydney Harbor. Ed
    Edward Hart of Steuben, Maine USA
    34 of 4517th March 2010, 11.18pm
  13. Good on you Peter Slipper. I have been following Jessica's progress ever since I saw her postcard in the Kawana brake shop which serviced her parent's SUV and mine in May 2009. Her perserverance and determination in getting to where she is now has been an inspiration to all of us who are following her progress and urging her on. May your winds be fair Jess for the next 6000 nautical miles to Sydney.
    Sel Hopley of Maleny, Qld
    33 of 4517th March 2010, 10.33pm
  14. Thanks Mr Slipper for your comments in Parliament. Jessica is a truly inspiring person. I spent many years in the navy and have regained my love of the sea by following this young lady's persuits. Good luck Jess
    Dean James of Sunshine Coast
    32 of 4517th March 2010, 9.26pm
  15. It's great that Peter Slipper made such a great speach about Jessica Watson in parliment. At least she is being reconized for what she has done. I wish the NZ goverment would do the same.
    I have been reading Jessie's blogs and following her progress with great interest every day. She is also a good writer and has a great way of putting things with that little bit of commody. Even when there is something bad, like a storm or damage to her equipment, there is always something good that comes out of it.
    It's not far to go now Jessie. I just wish I could be there.
    Gordon Heyward of Christchurch NZ
    31 of 4517th March 2010, 8.19pm
  16. Not long now Jess ,we (the whole world}love u to bits!! Thanks for the latest update .
    marigold of sydney
    30 of 4517th March 2010, 7.40pm
  17. thanks for the latest pics Jess we all luv u to bits marigold
    marigold of sydney
    29 of 4517th March 2010, 7.33pm
  18. To the MP for Fisher, Mr Peter Slipper. I have no doubt that all who are following Jessica and her journey echo those same sentiments. She possesses the sort of drive, courage and determination that most of us only dream of. As a follower since October 09 I have seen the positive effects she has had on people, both young and old...including myself. She has inspired many of her followers to persue their own dreams. I too agree we need more people who are willing to blaze new trails and attempt what some may consider impossible. Jessica, and many who have gone before her have, and are, paving the way and it's heartening to see the Government in support of these "dreamers".
    Ben (kina) of Queensland
    28 of 4517th March 2010, 6.26pm
  19. Well done Jessica, followed your journey with great interest. I'me a 72 year old and the best I can do is a trip to Rotto.
    Best wishes for a great home comming
    Olde Eddy of Perth
    27 of 4517th March 2010, 6.03pm
  20. Well done Slipper. About time parliment was advised of this remarkable young lady. While a lot of 16-20 year old female are trying to become pregnant and gain welfare from the public purse this young lady is trying to attain something that will inspire many young people. If Rudd and Bligh do not ask this young Australian to do a lecture tour of our schools they should stand condemned.
    Alex of Mackay Qld
    26 of 4517th March 2010, 4.48pm
    1. marigold replied to Alex
      17th March 2010, 7.24pm
      Peter's comments about Jessica Watsons achievements is the Best we've had from any politician A vast difference from the negativity that flows from both sides ALL TALK NO DO!!s Go Jess!!
    2. June Higginson replied to Alex
      18th March 2010, 1.33am
      Why do you have to make it political. You must be another liberal.Why should it be the government place to arrange this school thing? surely the parent are doing all this for her.
      Young people have the right to choose what they do with their lives, If Jessica Watson wanted to do this good on her . what chance do the other young people have if money is not there . I am pretty sure money is no object to Jessica's family.
  21. I, too, have been following Jessica faithfully since her departure. I've written her twice a day, except for a few odd weeks scattered about. The experience of participating in Jess's blog, of committing to her dream and to supporting her, has been one of the most uplifting events of my fifty-something life. From the first moment I saw Jess sailing, she seemed COMPLETELY AT HOME on Ella's Pink Lady. She is MEANT to be ON THE SEA, WORLWIDE, and nothing less. Thank you for acknowledging Captain Jessica Watson, Queen of the Seas.
    Mary Sheeline of Maine
    25 of 4517th March 2010, 1.46pm
  22. Sir,
    thanks for giving this adventure its due importance by congratulating Jess in the Parliment.

    Jess, by her action has to a large extent repaired, the negative publicity Australia has been subjected to in the recent past on account of alleged racial attacks.

    I hope that Jess becomes a role model for all the youth not just from Australia but the world over.


    sundar of Bangalore, India
    24 of 4517th March 2010, 1.42pm
  23. Young Lady..... BRAVO ZULU.... From a Navyman that truly appreciates the beauty and the strength of what the oceans of the world can bring... ' been keeping tabs of you and can't wish you enough luck and good fortune on the final leg of your voyage.. Knock'm on their arse!!!!!
    SK1 Whynot of Southborough, Mass. USA
    23 of 4517th March 2010, 12.25pm
  24. Jessica -how proud we are of you -when you get to Sydney ,I will be the Grandpa in the red jacket jumping up and down yelling and if I were your dad ,I would rather you went on your first dates with an ex con ,than take another lap .Your PARENTS HAVE PROBABLY NOT SLEPT SINCE YOU LEFT .We think of what you are experiencing -be careful and be safe !Luv you kiddo .
    David of Oklahoma
    22 of 4517th March 2010, 12.13pm
  25. If Joshua Slocum was alive today he would applaud your journey across great oceans alone and with such spirit and confidence. You will have found within your self a core of strength that will remain with you forever. Well done Jessica! Every one is waiting to cheer you as you come home.
    You are the best news we've had in years!!!!
    Jenmi Barker of Brisbane Queensland
    21 of 4517th March 2010, 11.48am
  26. a shout out to the good people of perth:

    say.. can you folks get any or all of your beautiful old lighthouses working for jesse? how about all the cars in perth line up with the headlights pointing out to sea to celebrate the homecoming of your new national aussie girl hero JESSE WATSON!!! and fireworks? if not now when? if not for jesse than for who? thanks! ~fumes
    20 of 4517th March 2010, 11.43am
  27. Jessica you are an inspiration to the whole country. It is a pity that the idle young of your era do not have your sense of adventure. You are making the world a better place to live by example. Take care and best wishes
    William Bell of Albury NSW
    19 of 4517th March 2010, 10.16am
  28. Hi! Jess.
    I have two grandaughters from Maroochydore 17 @ 18and could never do what you have don .I have tracked you from day one laughed with your crew and no choc for not fret when you get home Tons of Choc. go Jess Go Margoxxxxx
    margo ray of brisbane
    18 of 4517th March 2010, 8.30am
  29. have followed jessica's blog from day one and feel she isjust like a friend and seems to involve ua all in her great achievement,she describes everything so well you get the feeling that somehow you are with her, she is a very special kind of person who just seems to be having one great adventure and seems to not let anything phase her too much just goes about what is needed to complete her trip and most of all i think she is having a great time
    bernice richardson of south aust
    17 of 4517th March 2010, 7.52am
  30. We are a couple of oldies that have followed Jessicas
    journey from the first time we saw this fantastic & wonderfull young girl with her dreams to sail around the world , just to see & hear her on TV we just knew she would do it, And we sure this is only the start
    of many more wonderful adventures she will acheive in her lifetime. what a credit to her parents she is.
    Chris & Roy cragg of Tweed Heads
    16 of 4517th March 2010, 7.47am
  31. Dear Sir, You have expressed exactly as most of us feel about Jessica. She is one brave young lady and I, personally have been following her voyage each day since she started. I was born in Byron Bay and served in the RAAF. I now live in Canada with my Canadian war bride. I think you have done a tremendous job of complimenting her and I am sure she will very much appreciate your kind remarks. Best wishes and thanks for acknowledging Jessica.. Russ Wilson age 85 Calgary AB Canada.
    Russ. VE6VK of Calgary AB Canada
    15 of 4517th March 2010, 7.08am
    1. Ray replied to Russ. VE6VK
      17th March 2010, 12.56pm
      I second all the kind comments here and in her blog. I just flew back from NZ staring out at the seemingly endless sea for 12 hrs. The enormity of her trip & the strength of her character & attitude really hits home. She deserves nothing but admiration.
  32. Yes! As one among the multitude to be following Jessica and Ella's Pink Lady, I must congratulate you all for having offered to the world such a wonderful ambassador for Australia! Bestow upon her all the honors your culture and country can muster. She is quite a gal!

    Honor goes also to Jessica's parents and her shore team for their trust in Jessica and the wisdom, knowledge and skills they have helped her to gain along the way.

    May she experience safe passage as she completes the final leg in the achievement of her goals and dream.

    Bruce de Mich
    Bruce of Michigan USA
    14 of 4517th March 2010, 6.43am
    1. Chris Fridd replied to Bruce
      17th March 2010, 4.48pm
      Yes! I certainly second all of Bruce's comments and I am one of those multitude of followers here in Australia who have followed Jess from her departure from Sydney. I have not had much luck at placing comments on her blog but have read every blog so far and are a self confessed Jessaholic.
      Every day as the new day dawns my prayers are for Jess and her team and her safety as she lives her Dream and achieves her goal.
      Jess deserves all the honours that will come her way, and I thank our members of Parliament for acknowledging her example and leadership especially for our younger generation and give them hope to live their dreams!
      Chris of Waikerie Sth Australia
  33. What an amazing journey, by a very courageous young lady. I follow Jessica's blog & news daily, as my first duty in the morning. I apprehensively follow her progress and certainly appreciate the concerns of her family, but she has been wonderful thus far, and homing in on Australia must be a thrill for her - keep up the great work Jessica
    Cheers, Ivan of NZ
    Ivan Linnell of Hastings, NZ
    13 of 4517th March 2010, 6.02am
  34. I have been following Jessica Blog since the day she left. My mother is from Australia. I love to keep up with all the news from Australia. I find Jessica very encouraging. I love her adventure. I wish I could be there with her. I guess I am in spirit. I hope and pray all goes well for the end of her journey. Looking forward to all the excitement she will enjoy the day she comes into to Sydney Harbour. I just cannot wait. If you can Jessica show us more pictures. Your fan Kathy T.
    kathy of Missouri Usa
    12 of 4517th March 2010, 3.30am
  35. Regarding Peter Slipper's speech of March 12 -- my sentiments exactly. Jessica is an inspiration to people of all ages. Her refreshing and positive spirit comes through in her writings ad videos. I know that her family, Australia, and fellow sailors (like me) from 'round the world are very proud of her. At sixteen she is an amazing women. She is unstoppable! She is doing what she set out to do. Through the wonders of modern technology we are all able to follow along on her journey. I wish her safe journey for the remainder of her voyage. Her return to Sydney Harbor after 7 months at sea will be one great day for sure! Give her a wave for me.
    jerry of souther california
    11 of 4517th March 2010, 12.03am
  36. I applaud the member for fisher on his comments re Jesse, we have all said the same or simular things about this amazinf young lady and it is wonderful to see that she has been noticed in Canberra, thank you Mr Slipper
    roger dwyer of rockhampton
    10 of 4516th March 2010, 9.49pm
  37. FINALLY, some positive comments!!!

    How many nasty comments we had to read before her departure, and mostly from people who never been at sea.

    After talking to Jessica at the Sydney boat show, I simply knew she would make it, she was so positive!!

    That's one for the girls!!
    And that's coming from a boy...LOL
    Claude of Sydney
    9 of 4516th March 2010, 9.29pm
    1. Bruce replied to Claude
      17th March 2010, 6.35am
      Good for you Claude! I also just sent out a warm congrats to all of the women, young and old on my contacts list, on behalf of Jessica's and other young women around the world, all of whom seem to be making a real 'splash' in the records of seaworthiness for the gals this season.

      Bruce de Mich
  38. Couldn't agree more on your comments. What an inspiration Jessica is. Maybe if other young ones had the same opportunity as Jess to spread their wings in a great adventure as this, they might be more inclined to respect other people and property and life and stay clear of trouble in society and respect themselves. May Jess have a safe return to Australia and enjoy the accolades awaiting her.
    Chris Skene of Redbank Plains. 4301
    8 of 4516th March 2010, 7.49pm
  39. Jessica Watson r fantastisk, hon har ett enormt starkt psyke, och mycket god fysik, som klarar av round the world p sina premisser.
    Jag r mycket mycket imponerad av Jessicas prestation, och nskar henne all lycka framver.

    Mnga hlsningar
    Tommy of Sverige
    7 of 4516th March 2010, 6.19pm
  40. Peter ssSlipper< I wholeheartedly support your praise for Jessica Watson and her acheivements in sailing thus far on her journey,though I was very silent until recently,because I wondered at the wisdom of such a young girl taking on such a task,with the blessing and support of those who did so .If she had come to greif early in her journey would I have been one of the doomsayers and cried folly??Happily Jessica you will acheive your goal and ,whatever, you will inspire the youth and dreams of this nation.GO YOU YOUNG GIRL.
    Francis Smith of East Gippsland
    6 of 4516th March 2010, 5.56pm
  41. Yes sir! She is to be commended at every level. I am glad to see that people from every walk of life are following this young ladys adventure. I am sure that there are many that follow her that wish they were out doing it themselves. I hope that the members of your Parliment invite her to speak to you when she returns home.
    Alpha Theta of South America
    5 of 4516th March 2010, 5.53pm
  42. I agree with Peter. However let him cast his net a little wider. Jessica is an inspiration to all age groups, that dare to dream, and attempt to put their dreams into practice. I am a minister, and not of her generation, but she and her faith inspires me. I believe in a holistic family approach, whether it be blood, spiritual or secular and that each generation has something to offer the others. As a united whole respecting one another, and respecting the similar and differing viewpoints that each generation has to offer then we have a vibrant and a healthy generational relationship that can only benefit all social endeavours and interactions.
    Michael of Hobart
    4 of 4516th March 2010, 5.53pm
  43. Well done two ladies in pink!! Hope to see you back home soon.
    gail of carina
    3 of 4516th March 2010, 5.49pm
  44. Only yesterday, in conversation with an 80 year old second warld war vet who served in the navy, Jessica's name was mentioned with great admiration. This world is a poorer place without the likes of this young lady - deservedly queen of the oceans.
    Andy Thomas of Forbes NSW
    2 of 4516th March 2010, 2.40pm
  45. I am 84 years old andI have enjoyed following your blogs. You write very well or only 16. Your paretns must be so proud. God bless you and protect you as you finish your journey
    Willis Huck of Salem. OR USA
    1 of 4516th March 2010, 2.21pm
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