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Edible School Gardens DVD

Author and Educator Leonie Shanahan has built dozens of edible school gardens over the years and has been a positive influence on children and their new healthy eating habits.  Leonie's years of study in the fields of Horticulture, Permaculture and Organic Gardening is translated into a passion for the health of our children and the need to make a difference by creating organic  edible gardens full of health and abundance in every school and every backyard.

Leonie  now shares her secrets in empowering school children to design and build their own organic edible school gardens.  Every step is explained in this DVD as she  shows you what you must do to create a thriving living system and have fun along the way.

Whats on the DVD?

An explanation about 'what is permaculture'
Garden Design
Constructing Features such as arches, tipees, worm farms
Fertile soils
The pleasure of Working with kids and engaging them
Growing seed and seedlings
Caring for plants
Worm farm
Green manure crops
Harvest days
Growing food  bursting with goodness ( or growing food for your health)
And much more...

Edible School Gardens DVD
Cooroibah, Sunshine Coast Wide

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