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John Richard Pyke, Queensland Senate candidate, 2010 Federal Election

Help Problem Gamblers - Limit the Pokies
[A message for Queensland voters in particular]

Poker machines (Electronic Gaming Machines, EGMs) have an addictive appeal to some people. If they're single it hurts only them. If they have dependents their kids grow up in poverty, with the added drama of watching their parents fighting all the time.

What can we do about them?

* We can't blow them up, though it would be satisfying (see Tim Freedman on Insight explaining why he wants to)

* It's probably too late to eliminate them altogether - though if society as a whole yelled Nick Xenophon's slogan "No Pokies" loudly enough maybe we could (here's Nick's site)

* But governments certainly could impose stricter limits on them - limits on the numbers allowed per State and limits on the "feed rate" - see Ch 11 of the Productivity Commission's report on Gambling - very dry and restrained stuff (they're economists).

To give Nick Xenophon some allies in the Senate, to keep up the pressure on all governments to at least adopt the Productivity Commission's recommendations, and progressively do more to reduce governments' dependence on gambling taxes -

vote [1] for Group F (John Pyke and Chris Tooley) on the Queensland Senate ballot paper

How to help us
1. Link to this page or email, tweet, etc, the link to everyone.
2. Copy and distribute the flyer
3. Send donations to John Pyke, Box 15869, City East PO, Brisbane 4002. Donations up to $1500 may be tax deductible (see the ATO's page on this), but if you give us more than $11,500 (we wish!) you'll have to declare it on a public register (see the AEC's page on that). All donations will be spent on advertising, and if you provide an address a receipt will be sent to you.

Thanks everyone
John and Chris

John Richard Pyke, Queensland Senate candidate, 2010 Federal Election
PO Box 15869, City East Qld 4002, Queensland Wide

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